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    I got our daughter a Selfie Stick telescoping monopod for her smartphone at Simply Selfies. She has an expensive phone that I do not want to have to replace so I was sure to check out how well the device held it in place. The spring-loaded camera phone holder really holds the phone tightly in place. This is important because the mount is attached to a telescoping metal monopod that has a foam handle. You extend it with your camera phone attached so it can be like having another person there to take your picture.

    She uses it all of the time now. Teenage girls and selfies are all the rage. She is a budding photographer who is developing quite the eye for cool imagery, and she has been using the Selfie Stick for a whole lot more than just selfies. She got some really neat perspective shots using it. One series was of the rain gutters on our front porch. The gutters are just out of reach of a person. She used the Selfie Stick to get her phone camera just above the gutter. I got her the one with the Bluetooth shutter release. She used an HDR filter on the images and they look really cool. A tiny ecosystem in our porch gutter. Which reminds me, I need to clean them out!

    I caught my wife using the Selfie Stick the other day. She was having fun with it taking selfies for her page on social media. She told me how it is much better than standing in front of a mirror and looking goofy trying to line up a nice shot. I agreed and bought her one right away. When I placed the order, I got one for myself. I have some pro camera gear and I use my Selfie Stick quite a lot.

    Posted by John @ 4:30 pm

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