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    Mattress pads are not always considered to be a first necessity article.

    Do you really need one?

    I will try to give you more information about them, so you can decide.

    A mattress pad can turn any mattress info a more comfortable one. Softness is added without further modifications to the original mattress, just by adding an extra layer of padding. Generally of about 3 inches in thickness, these pads come in a variety of materials.best-mattress-pad

    There are several types of pads. The most used are:

    Memory foam pad. Memory foam mattresses have had lately wide exposure because of TV ads and infomercial. They are not the cheapest option among mattress pads, though they provide some real extra comfort. There is also a thinner version of this pad available, which while not providing 100% of the features the original does, it is much more affordable for a wider audience. The main property of this pad is the memory foam. The foam adjusts itself according to the pressure given to it, so pressure is evenly distributed in all the contact points with the body. Additional comfort is what makes this pad very popular. This pad alone can save you from having to buy a new mattress when looking for the comfort that a pillow top mattress provides.

    Egg crate pad: Looks as the egg cardboard crates. The foam has raised areas and depressions that provide more softness than a solid pad would do. When placed above any mattress, a difference can be seen instantly in terms of comfort. This would ease joint pressure, this is why persons with arthritis find this type of pad very useful. The added advantage is that it is not as expensive as memory foam alternatives. Installing this type of mattress can be easily performed in the following way: first remove bed sheets. Place then the pad unrolled on top of the mattress, smoothing it into place. if the need is for a patient, as it does not come with waterproof protection, you should add a layer between it and the sheets for easier maintenance. Once secured with the sheet, it will not move. Then, remake the bed as usual.

    If incontinence problems, due to illness or young age is a problem, then Latex pads are recommended. Latex pads can be easily cleaned as they are waterproof, and they can keep the mattress odor and stain free. Wool pads, can make any bed feel warm and cozy. Waterproofing considerations should have to be taken here as well. Achy hips, shoulders and back pain can be relieved with this type of cheaper padding.

    If your problem is temperature related, you can always result to a prewarming electric pads, which will give your bed a desired temperature before you get into it. No more cold feet! Some people prefer to use the pad on all night. Please be aware of the security considerations you have to take, as with any electric device.

    Plastic alternating pressure pad is made from baffled tubes filled with air or water. This pad is connected to an electric pump which will alternate water or air to different sections thus creating the alternating pressure feeling. This greatly prevents bed sores. This is more a medical device, so it cannot be easily found in stores. You should look for it in medical supply stores. If your pain is temporal, you don’t have to buy it, as many medical supply stores rent the equipment, so you can get it for a couple of months for a small fee.

    Regardless of your particular situation and needs, there is a perfect mattress pad for you out there. You just have to take the time to properly research the available options and then go with it for a more comfortable sleep.

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