• February 20, 2015 /  Product & Service Reviews

    If you could help protect your family by adding an early warning system of illegal entry to every window and door in your home as well as protecting against smoke, fire and carbon monoxide, would you do that? What if you could add video surveillance cameras you could check over a secure Internet connection to make sure your kids who get home early from school are safe? What about checking on your dog or cat while at work or school whole having them protected with a fire alarm? This is why we went to www.home-security.co/ to get a whole house digital wireless security system.

    Now add in the round the clock monitoring that sends alarm conditions to a live agent, and you have a system that can save your life even if you are incapacitated. Imagine being unconscious due to carbon monoxide, but the alarm system reports the condition to the monitoring agency and they send out emergency services. How about a silent panic alarm if home invaders get inside your home? These are the reasons we got a monitored home alarm system at www.home-security.co/. We wanted the peace of mind the wireless system offered.

    Not having cables to run made it a quick job for the technicians to install. They had everything hooked up the same day. Our home was protected from the first day. The alarm monitoring agency helped us through the few false alarms we had. One was when our visiting uncle went outside in the middle of the night to smoke a cigarette without disarming the alarm first. My family was already in the routine of being protected and would not have forgotten to disable the alarm before going outside. That was really the only issue we have ever had. That is a good thing. We are protected and in the routine of thinking more safely not only at home but on the job and at school too.

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