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    Before I got married my Internet service was fast enough. That is because I would only be doing one high bandwidth thing at a time, such as watching HD TV or movies. It was not so bad when I got married and my wife would watch TV shows while running on a treadmill. The service was fast enough. We decided to keep the home I bought from my grandparents. Now that we have adopted two preteen children, the Internet was not fast enough. We switched to AT&T Internet just to keep up. Kids only have the electronics we give them, but you know how it is to be a parent. You want them to have stuff you did not have growing up. Over birthdays and holidays the kids now have smartphones, laptops, tablets and game consoles. Too much? Probably. But they are actually very responsible.

    We enjoy seeing them use the Internet for their schoolwork. We like seeing how responsible they are on social media. They even come to us to report dangerous activities their friends and schoolmates are getting themselves into online. We could say it is all about the parenting, but we know that is not all true. We just really have a couple of great kids. It makes me feel great to see them sitting and watching a 3D streaming movie together on the TV in the living room. I bought this house from my grandparents in hopes of having a wife who liked living here too, as well as being a place for us to raise a family. I’ve never been a wanderer wanting to live in a bunch of places.

    This big house has room for some more kids. We want to adopt as our finances permit us. We hope to be able to have four children in our family. The two we have even remind us that we need to adopt now while everyone is still young. They joke that I might not have the energy for toddlers or babies if I wait too much longer. It’s great that they want siblings. My wife is always ready to fill those empty bedrooms with the sound of children. I don’t know how fast the Internet will have to be then. So far our AT&T Internet is holding up.

    Posted by John @ 4:30 am

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